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China Soda Industry Association (abbreviated to CSIA), a national trade organization, represents all soda ash producers, research& design institutes and equipment manufactures etc. of diversified ownership within China. It is a corporate body qualified by and registered in Civil Administration Ministry, with State - Owned Property Supervision Commission of State Department as its direct superior.

CSIA aims to safeguard the legal rights and interests of its members, to assist members to push forward technology upgrade and production optimization for better economic efficiency.

CSIA is committed to submitting the members` suggestions and request to concerned government agencies, to assisting the state government agencies to formulate macroeconomic policies related to the soda ash industry, to transmitting and carrying out the government's guidelines and rules to and within its members, acting as a bridge between state government agencies and its members.

CSIA also participates in the formulation of national soda ash industrial development strategies, of trade standard for national soda ash industry, and takes part in soda ash projects'evaluation and appraisal, etc.

CSIA is also responsible for coordinating the relationships among its members, for organizing members to make out membership rules and for supervisions. Assigned by government agencies. Aiming to assist its members to make optimal production policy and development scheme,

CSIA also supplies market information, new policies and technological news on soda ash to its members